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Enseñando y Aprendiendo Inglés en Costa Rica

Eighth Grade

Estas son los 6 unidades del plan de octavo grado académico con las cuatro lecciones que forman cada unidad

Unit #1 – My High school … our place

  • High School — Bring it on!
  • A Day in the Life of My High School.
  • What is Your Next Class?
  • High School Through the Eyes of my Friends

unit #2 – let the good times roll

  • Fun times: Inside and Out
  • What ́s your favorite __?
  • Ready to Play: Tell Me the Rules
  • Up Close and Personal

unit #3 – something good to celebrate

  • Let’s Celebrate: Holidays with My Family
  • Let’s Celebrate: Latin American Holidays and Festivals
  • Let’s Celebrate: Holidays and Festivals around the World
  • A Holiday to Remember: One of my favorites

unit #4 – going shopping

  • Welcome to My Town
  • Getting what I need at the right place
  • Where is it?
  • How can I get there

unit #5 – Unforgettable events

  • A Day I’ll Never Forget: in my Personal Life
  • An Event I’ll Never Forget: with my Family
  • An Event I’ll Never Forget: in Costa Rica
  • An Event I’ll Never Forget: in the World

unit #6 – Amazing books

  • Beautiful Costa Rica
  • Hiking, Biking and Walking Around
  • Costa Rica Traveling Necessities
  • Planning My Perfect Vacation