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Enseñando y Aprendiendo Inglés en Costa Rica

Eleventh Grade

Estas son los 6 unidades del plan de undécimo grado académico con las cuatro lecciones que forman cada unidad

Unit #1 – Here I am

  • Ingredients for Healthy Living
  • Add a Pinch of a Positive Attitude
  • Follow the recipe: a Plan for success
  • Give me a Taste: Stories of Successful People

unit #2 – Enjoying life

  • Inventions that have Changed our Lives
  • Living in a Tech World
  • Safety First
  • The Next Wave of Innovations

unit #3 – getting back to nature

  • Natural Disasters-Is Nature Against us?
  • What ́s the Problem?
  • A Helping Hand (possible solutions)
  • Who is Doing What? (Nonprofit and NGOs)

unit #4 – checking things off a shopping list

  • Get ready: Take a Look at Your Dreams and Fears
  • Get Set: College or Career?
  • Surviving or Thriving? (Developing Your Soft Skills)
  • Go! The Future is Now

unit #5 – let’s celebrate costa rican culture

  • You gotta be kidding…World facts
  • Shut up…Issues from Health and Medicine
  • No way…Controversies and the Law
  • OMG… Stereotypes and Cultural Differences