Exercise: 8 Common Ethical Issues in Business

Addressing ethical issues in business is an essential step to building a strong company that will maintain a positive reputation.

These are the most common ethical issues in business:

  1. Sexual Harassment
  2. Diversity & Discrimination
  3. Social Media
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Environmental Responsibility
  6. Accounting Practices
  7. Data Privacy
  8. Nepotism

Establishing a code of ethics for your business to operate by will help you lay a firm foundation of basic trust between you and your employees, clients, partners, suppliers, and so on. 

Key Vocabulary

These are some important words that you should know before doing the exercise:

To PunishHurt
To FireWhile

Exercise Common Ethical Issues in Business

These are the most common ethical issues in business, review them and pay attention to the number next to them

Sexual Harassment (1)Environmental Responsibility (5)
Diversity & Discrimination (2)Accounting Practices (6)
Social Media (3)Data Privacy (7)
Health & Safety (4)Nepotism (8)

Now read the statements and write the number of the category to which the statement belongs

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