Exercise: Working for SiteGround

Today we are going to learn more about working for an international company.

These are some words that you should check out before doing the exercise


Now that you know those, you can do the following exercise

Exercise: Working for SiteGround

Read the following text about Joshua’s Job in SiteGround

Hello My name is Joshua (1) and I work from SiteGround(2) SiteGround is a hosting company (3)

I work for the marketing Department (4) and I am the social media manager (5)

I manage the Facebook company page (6)

I work from Monday to Saturday with flexible timing (7) SiteGround has offices London, Madrid and Frankfurt (8)

I work from home (9) I have a degree in Marketing and programming certificates


Each sentence has a number at the end of it so write the number of the statement that answers the question.

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