Exercise 001: Functional Areas of a Business

Today we are going to learn more about te funcional areas of a business

Read the areas and make sure that you understand what they all mean

#1Human Resources
#2Marketing and Promotion
#3Customer Service Support
#5Accounting and Finance
#7Research and Development
#8Administrative / Management
#9IT Support
#13Legal Department

Sentences about each department

  • We identify legal issues in all departments
  • I create marketing strategies
  • I deliver orders to the customer at the right place
  • I handle the business, the planning and the decision making
  • I develop ways to sell products
  • We are responsible for controlling the processes
  • We create software for other departments
  • I organize the company’s finances
  • We manufacture products
  • I create new design and style for our products
  • I interact with customers regarding inquiries
  • I recruit the right people
  • We buy materials at the right quantity