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Enseñando y Aprendiendo Inglés en Costa Rica

Ninth Grade

Estas son los 6 unidades del plan de noveno grado académico con las cuatro lecciones que forman cada unidad

Unit #1 – time to have fun

  • Hello, Hi There, Hey, Bye
  • Building Community
  • Let’s get Personal
  • Meet my Family

unit #2 – online and connected

  • My Daily Routine
  • Eating Habits
  • Hanging out
  • Things I like to do

unit #3 – Light, Camera & action

  • Natural Wonders in my Backyard
  • Marvels in Costa Rica
  • A World of Wonders
  • Where can I go Next

unit #4 – in the public eye

  • My Family’s Grocery List
  • Going Shopping
  • Does this fit me?
  • Where can I go Next

unit #5 – unexpected situations

  • How my Family and I celebrate Tico Culture
  • How my Community Celebrates Tico Culture
  • How Other Communities Celebrate Tico Culture
  • How Costa Ricans Celebrate National Tico Culture

unit #6 – open a book, open your mind

  • Knowing Where I want to go
  • Knowing Where it is
  • Knowing How to Get There
  • Knowing what I need