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Enseñando y Aprendiendo Inglés en Costa Rica

Tenth Grade

Estas son los 6 unidades del plan de décimo grado académico con las cuatro lecciones que forman cada unidad

Unit #1 – Love what we do

  • Help wanted
  • Jobs
  • Interviewing
  • Working to Live or Living to Work?

unit #2 – stories come in all shapes and sizes

  • Tell me a Story
  • Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down
  • The Reviews Are In
  • You Should Read This

unit #3 – a world of differences

  • These Are My People
  • Cultures, Subcultures and Cliques
  • Cultural Norms and Cultural Storms
  • I Am Not My Hair

unit #4 – caution, fragile world

  • What Makes Something Sustainable
  • Products and Practices around the World.
  • Products and Practices in Costa Rica
  • Am I Environmentally friendly?

unit #5 – high tech, high touch

  • Hot Apps
  • Danger Zones in a Digital World
  • Tech Tools for Positive Change
  • My Future Is in My Hands

unit #6 – what comes next

  • Pass or Fail?
  • College or Career?
  • Study Here or Abroad?
  • Getting by or Getting ahead?